World Business Brokers has been a major South Florida business broker over the past 40 years; we also have access to private investors and lenders who are actively looking for businesses in which to invest. As a result, we can provide a unique service for our clients by arranging debt or equity financing through these private sources.
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Confidential Marketing only from World Business Brokers, Inc.
During the past four decades, World Business Brokers has helped more business sellers get the best value for their business. Now we’ve made buying and selling a business even easier with an innovated new concept called "Confidential Marketing". World's "Confidential Marketing" is a simple solution to an age old dilemma --- how to sell a business confidentially and still get the best price.
“Confidential Marketing" is finding desirable buyers for a business without their knowing the name or location of a particular business until necessary confidentialitys are signed.
World's “Confidential Marketing" lets you the seller know who the buyer is first without the buyer knowing who the seller is first. This lets the seller know about the purchaser's desires and their financial capabilities, which help the sellers choose the right purchaser at the right price.
"Confidential Marketing" also has buyers sign a confidential disclosure and non-compete agreement if requested prior to receiving any information on a business for sale. Confidential packaging of sales portfolio with the sanitizing of companies’ name and location is also included.
Thinking of selling your business? Find out more on how World Business Brokers, Inc. can help you sell your business quickly, confidentially and at the right price.
We have one of the largest databases of pre-qualified buyers in the world giving the sellers the benefit of knowing who is a match for their business. Global marketing on a confidential basis gives your business the global exposure to sell quickly and quietly for the best price.
Call for a confidential discussion of your business desires.
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The Services We Can Provide in Selling Your Business
Assist You in the Sale of Your Business
Recasting Your Company-Better Sell Price
Five Year Proforma-Selling the Future
Market Research and Analysis
Market Evaluation of Your Business
Why we are the Best!
Phone, Fax, Email & Map
Exit Planning for Your Needs
Sales Process of Your Business
Prospecting Potential Clients
Letter of Intent for All Parties
Closing of the Deal - Agreement
Common Strategies Available to Small Businesses
- Sell a Business Unit
- Liquidate Cash Draining Business   Segments
- Purchase a Company Complementary   to a Business Unit
- Redirect Advertising and other Sales   Promotion Efforts
- Redesign Pricing Policies
- Redirect Management Efforts
- Restructure the Administration   Organization
- Refinance Debt Structures
- Raise New Equity Capital
- Sell the Entire Company at a Premium
Let Us Arrange The Solutions To Your Financial Needs!!
Assisting You in the Sale of Your Business
Every business is a unique blend of tangible and intangible assets. Since no two businesses are ever alike, a special strategy must be developed to market and sell each business. Knowing the value of your business and understanding how to interpret this value are essential elements in making informed decisions. These decisions will lead to maximizing the sale proceeds when you exit your business.
Because of our experience, we can determine what aspects of your company will be most attractive to prospective buyers. Alter conducting personal interviews and inspection of your facilities, the evaluation process will begin. This will involve extensive research and analysis of all elements which will impact value. Your company’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed and the business is viewed as it would be by a potential investor.
Recasting Your Company—Gets seller a better Price 
Since most privately held companies often tend to keep records for their own benefits, financial recasting is a crucial element in understanding the real earnings history and future profit potential of your business. Potential buyers are interested in real earnings and will match a philosophy in publicly traded corporations of maximizing earnings and profits. By recasting your financial history, this becomes the key in translating your company’s past into a valuable, salable future and allows sophisticated buyers the means and opportunities for meaningful comparisons with other investments.
Five Year Proforma -Selling the Future
The price a potential purchaser may be willing to pay depends on the quality and reasonableness of profit projections and what you are able to substantiate. This proforma is constructed from your balance sheet, profit & loss statement, cash flow, and working capital requirements are developed and projected over a five year period, plus the enhanced value of your business at the end of this period. The discounted value of future cash flow is then calculated. This establishes the primary economic return to the buyer for his acquisition investment.
Market Research and Analysis
The position of your company within your industry is examined along with current and potential markets, industry trends, and growth cycles. This will include data collection and interviews with people only involved in the sale process.                                                                                                   close
Market Evaluation 
This will help you to establish a price that the market is willing to pay for the business and consider its optimum earnings potential — which is what the potential buyer is really paying for. This will provide a snapshot of your busines and will help potential buyers.                                                                                                 close
Exit Planning 
Since the ultimate structure of your sale is based upon your goals and expectation of what you expect to make on the sale of your company, several options are available and will need to be addressed. These include:
• Do you want to stay on in some capacity, or leave immediately alter the sale?
• What forms of compensation are you seeking - cash, stock, secured notes, annuities, etc.?
With your needs clearly identified, World Business Brokers will be prepared to negotiate a sale that best satisfies those needs. We will know precisely what you want in terms of cash, cash equivalents, and other forms of compensation.
The Process
With a complete understanding of your goals to be accomplished, the sales process will include the objectives of buyers and their understanding of the marketplace. In order to find the right buyer, we will use our resources to find a buyer with essentially the same type of operating core that is consistent with your company. This will include matching your business, its structure, and its financial performance to the acquisition criteria of the buyer and their synergy.
Potential buyers may need product line extensions, market penetration, new market entry, new distribution channels, new technology, or manufacturing capabilities and other elements they perceive to create additional value and warrant a premium price. International buyers are the most desirable prospects us they are constantly looking for a foothold in the US market and are usually willing to pay premium prices to achieve this position. There is also a value sought between currencies fluctuation that presents a favorable situation. This is where a global broker can assist you in seeking an international buyer, who usually can pay more for your business due to the devalued U.S. dollar.
Prospecting Clients
After an initial contact with many different prospects, we narrow our list of potential buyers to those who are serious and have the financial capabilities to move quickly in the purchase of your company. These potential purchasers are exposed to an in - depth view of your company, and at the same a view of what the future potential may look like. By concentrating on the future value of the company and the synergy between the two companies or principals rather than price, we proceed to emphasize the benefits and value of your business.
Letter of Intent
After a clear understanding of the objectives of the potential buyer and seller are met through preliminary negotiations, a letter of intent is then produced in order to establish an outline of the price, terms, other economic issues, tax and legal issues, owner's compensation, financing, and other important issues.
After the letter of intent is signed by both parties, the potential buyer may begin a 30 day due diligence period. This will include their own evaluation of your company from their accountants, lawyers, and financial experts. This is where sensitive issues are discussed and complex negotiations begin.
After the due diligence period is complete, and all of the issues have been addressed and have been satisfied between the buyer and the seller, a Purchase Agreement is then signed by both parties, and the transfer of stock and the assets of your company is then transferred to the buyer in exchange for the full consideration that you agreed upon.                                                                                                      close
1) We know where to look for the financing you require. We will work solely for you, our client.
2) We know how to evaluate your business, to determine the appropriate type of financing, and to structure the financing request according to the ability of the business to meet its financial obligations.
3) We know how to package the proposal effectively to create an interest from lending institutions, commercial banks, and private investors.
4) We have the time and expertise to find financing promptly so that our clients can dedicate their time productively to their businesses.
5) We deal on an above board, professional basis with both our clients and our financing sources. We believe in establishing close working relationships and in presenting our services and packages in a sincere and honest light.
We negotiate our fees with each client based on the complexity of the services required and the estimated time required to complete the assignment. We are paid on a success fee only. We are paid after the deal is done!
We negotiate our fees with each client based on the complexity of the equity and/or debt financing required. Fees may be assessed as a percentage of the financing obtained or on a flat rate basis. If brokerage services are combined with consulting, financial package, and/or business plan services, clients will receive a discount on the brokerage fee equal to fees paid for the other services.
World Brokers, Inc. can assist you in obtaining the financing you need. If you would like to know more about how our services can benefit you, please contact World Brokers for a no obligation, strictly confidential appointment. We will present a comprehensive proposal to you defining the services we will engage in on your behalf.

Sena says “Florida being the most desirable state is not only because of its good weather year round but due to its good year round global business climate, such as:”
1) “More International and Financial institutions with offices or branch offices in Florida; not only attracts buyers here but helps finance them.”
2) “Import-Export is better here than in any state in the nation due to its seaports which are known for being the gateway to Central-South America.”
3) “Transportation is easy and accessible with many International airports.”
4) “Abundance of employees able to speak many languages.”
5) “Freedom to work state with little union presence.”
6) “Abundance and easy access to international customers.”