Our Corporation
We are a mergers and acquisition firm dedicated to the business industry. We locate and facilitate strategic acquisitions for our growth-oriented clients. Our many successes are the result of our win-win philosophy.
World Business Brokers, Inc. is particularly suited to obtain excellent results for its clients. We are dedicated to the complete process from identifying our clients' objectives to successfully closing the transactions that best satisfy those objectives.
We are specifically proficient in businesses that serve major customers. Our combined professional industry experience includes all types of businesses, operations and consulting, plus facilitating merger and acquisition transactions. We have assisted in hundreds of successfully completed business acquisitions and/or divestitures since 1970. Our individual and computerized data bases of information, contacts and industry resources extend worldwide. This allows us to quickly identify acquisition targets utilizing general or specific selection criteria.
Our experienced, professional approach with both clients and targeted acquisition prospects expertly determines the key factors so important for success. Before we recommend a prospect for acquisition, we fully evaluate the precise criteria important to our client - This prevents an unnecessary false start before a concentrated transaction process is applied. Additionally, we are skilled in assisting with the structure of the transaction and solving problems as the process is completed. Our experience also proves helpful in keeping all parties "on target" for a more timely transaction.
Why all Business Brokers are not alike...
It’s a simple fact that no two businesses are exactly alike and neither are the business brokers that sell these businesses. Selling a business can be a once in a lifetime experience and some sellers do better than others when selling a business; often those who do best work through a broker.
Broker who abides by a strict code of ethics, one that goes beyond rhetoric to ensure that you’re treated fairly and obtains the best price globally for your businesses in a confidential manner. A standard procedure is to pre-qualify the purchaser and have them sign a confidential disclosure prior to finding out any information or the name of your business. After all, your broker has years of experience and training in the field of business brokerage.
What we Do
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In summary, our special skill is in matching quality buyers with compatible, high quality and growth-oriented sellers on a win-win basis. We have an excellent reputation for satisfying both sides of a transaction, while not taking too long to produce results.
Michael Schuster has owned and managed many businesses ranging from logistics and transportation, to manufacturing and distribution firms, spearheading exceptional growth leading to successful exit strategies. From a family of highly successful entrepreneurs and a graduate from the University of Miami with a major in both Business Finance and Transportation, Michael understands the needs of senior executive management, entrepreneurs, and third parties with interests closely tied to middle market companies. As a management professional with extensive experience in all facets of business including mergers and acquisitions, marketing, operations, finance and strategic planning, Michael relates to business owners seeking growth or exit plan strategies based on business cycles and market conditions. Michael has the depth of experience, coupled with broad skills at analyzing cost structures, asset utilization, valuations, restructuring, turnaround strategies and redefined strategic business objectives. For over 25 years, this seasoned professional has organized projects achieving successful results for clients. Companies benefit from strong expertise in evaluating business conditions, market/industry trends, competitive influences and demographic factors identifying opportunities to realize value in transactions beneficial to all parties. At World Business Brokers, Michael is playing a pivotal role in continuing the company’s aggressive growth and expanding the company’s offerings in new and existing markets. Contact Michael to assist you in meeting your company’s objectives. Whether your needs are immediate or long-term to sell your business or to make acquisitions, assist with mergers, joint ventures, private debt and equity financing or succession planning, give us a call and let us show you how we can help your business plans achieve all your goals.
And what makes us better than the rest!? We.....                         And We.....
-  Own our own office building; which means we are not only successful but     can afford to advertise and market your business successfully.
-  Are located in the global city of Miami, FL, that is not only the gateway to     Latin America but to Europe; that means more buyers and more financial     institutions able to aid in the selling of a business.
-   Have one of the largest worldwide databases of pre-qualified buyers.
-   Are affiliated with other business broker offices all over the globe.
-  Have global economist readily available in finding which countries     buyers are coming from in order to invest monies in businesses in the     U.S.
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Dean Sena CEO
Michael Schuster VP